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Choose the sensor type that best suits your needs.  If you buy the version that uses a smart phone app, we highly recommend you add the waterproof phone holder to protect your phone.
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Phone App Monitor and Sensors
Real time monitoring of tire pressure front and rear. Easy to install with theft-proof valve stem caps. Sends info to an app on your smartphone so you always know time pressure and air temperature inside your tires.
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Tire Pressure System with Monitor
Two sensor-based valve stem caps to monitor tire pressure and air temperature. Bluetooth talks to the monitor, easily mounted to your handlebars. Monitor is solar powered, sensors 3-5 yr battery life.
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Waterproof Smart Phone Holder
On handlebars smart phone holder, small or large, sealed outer case to prevent water or dirt damage to your phone. Easy to install with locking arm so you can place the display where it's easiest for you to read.
Our promise to youTankefy builds integrated sensors and communications supporting motorcycle rider needs for information about their bike, fuel levels, and surrounding road conditions. Our mission makes every ride a potentially safer, more enjoyable ride.
When riding a motorcycle without technology, the rider must always focus on the bike’s performance, other vehicles or road conditions, and how much fuel they have available. Today’s sensors and technology supply platforms that assist riders in real time. Continuous monitoring and reporting of tire pressure, fuel level, and surrounding road conditions help riders be less distracted or worried.  Less stressful motorcycle rides create opportunities to be safer and more comfortable. We develop new products combining the latest technology with easy to read communications so you can ride safer.
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